Friday, November 1, 2013

Humpty Dumpty....Halloween Take 2

I told you to stay tuned for another Halloween update....

It rained on Halloween all day and into the afternoon, but that didn't keep us from having some trick or treat fun! Miles had a fun day at PDO where he went trick or treating with all of his friends. I so wish I could have gone to this, but we only get so many personal days :(. The life of a teacher!

After school, Miles came home to some special visitors....Honey and Meemaw came to Jackson for a visit!

And for Halloween costume number 2....Miles was Humpty Dumpty. My brothers, Brandon and Joe, both wore this costume for Halloween when they were little, so, we opted to continue the tradition. Miles didn't really care for the costume at first. As soon as we put him in it he started saying, "Hay-dis" (hate this) and tugging at the costume. Here's why: Miles likes screen printed shirts. When he has one on, he likes to feel the screen print. Well, this particular time, he had a screen printed shirt underneath his costume. He couldn't feel it, so, we had to give him another shirt to feel. Eventually he forgot about the costume and was his normal self.

Miles got some cool treats from Mimi and Papa.

After we opened gifts at Mimi and Papa's, Miles, Matt, Mimi, and I went trick or treating. We only went to a few houses in Mimi's neighborhood b/c it was so gloomy out.

Once we finished visiting a couple of houses, Honey, Matt, Miles, and I loaded up and headed to Aunt Julie and Uncle Todd's house for a little trick or treating.

Miles enjoyed chasing around Marley, filling up his Elmo bucket, and dumping it out.

Humpty Dumpty did have a "great fall" at Aunt Julie's house, but he wasn't hurt like the real Humpty Dumpty, thank goodness.

And what is a Halloween without Matt being silly. He wanted to partake in the festivities, too!

After our trick or treating, we all came back to Mimi and Papa's house for a yummy baked potato bar and chicken tortilla soup. Despite the gloomy weather, it was a pretty good Halloween.

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