Thursday, October 31, 2013

Miles the Veterinarian-Halloween Take 1

Miles loves animals. He even knows how some of them sound. Since he loves them so much, and we had a Halloween event at church to go to, I decided to let him be a veterinarian for NUMC's Octoberfest.

Miles got to go fishing for treats.

This picture says it all...You might see that Miles is a little fuzzy. Well, this is how things are most of the time we try and take his picture. He wants to go go go and doesn't really want to be held unless he feels like being held. In this picture, he wanted to run around the church parking lot!

This is Halloween take 1. He gets to wear his vet costume to Parent's Day Out on Halloween, and then he gets to be something else on Halloween night. Stay tuned for more on Halloween take 2!

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