Sunday, October 21, 2012

Falling in Love with Breaks

Two weeks ago....I had fall break, which meant that I got to spend every day with my sweet little Miles. We watched Seasame Street, crawled around on the floor, went to practice for a singing show I was in, visited with Honey, and took family pictures.

Sunday-Tuesday of Fall Break we went to Arkansas to celebrate Honey's birthday. I think Miles got more presents and attention than Honey did. Honey and Jo-pa gave him a laughing Elmo and Meemaw and Papaw got him his first musical instrument-a piano.

Here's his reaction to the piano:

Wednesday night I took little man with me to practice for Dear John, a show benefiting the Jackson Symphony. I sang three songs in the show-Oh Darling, Beautiful Boy, and In My Life. The show featured Beatles songs and allowed me to appreciate the Beatles because I never really have liked any of their songs. Miles was so good during our three hour rehearsal. He loved to hear everyone sing, and even moved his feet to the beat of the songs a few times. I truly believe he is going to be some sort of musician. That night my mom came for a short visit.

Thursday, Honey, Miles and I went shopping around Jackson. Miles enjoyed himself and his new hat I bought him.

Oh...and on another note...that day he slept in this target basket for at least 30 minutes while Honey and I shopped! He was so tired. That night, Matt kept Miles while Honey, Mimi, and Papa Darrell came to hear me sing.

Friday, we hung out as a family and Matt got a new ride.

 We are so happy about his new truck. He didn't have room for Miles' car seat in his old truck and it was about to break down! That night Mimi hung out with Miles so Matt could come and hear me sing.

The next day we went to a gorgeous house in Jackson to take some family pictures. (More pictures from that when we get the CD of images in from our amazing photographer Megan Seals.) It was such a gorgeous day to take pictures.

But the photo session wore Miles out!! He slept the whole way home and didn't want to wake up for us to take him inside the house. I thoroughly enjoyed my first break of the school year with Miles!

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