Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy Four Months to Miller

Miller is four months old, as of December 23. Now, he is almost five months old...oops, Mommy fail!

He went for his 4 month checkup right before Christmas. Dr. Blake said he is growing and looking healthy. He weighed 17.13 pounds and was around 26" long. He is now in the 75% for weight and height. I think he didn't measure very big b/c he got a bad cold around his 4 month birthday and didn't eat much. Dr. Blake didn't seem concerned about his eczema and told us to keep putting on lotions and giving minimal baths.


The scab above his eye is his first battle wound. Matt and Miles were having a snowball fight with socks. Miller was near Matt and when Matt reared back to throw a sock at Miles, he accidentally scratched Miller with his fingernail. Miller didn't even cry. He did bleed a little, though. 

Some of this month's milestones:

  • I am teething. I think I'll get a tooth pretty soon. I've been working hard!
  • I am eating 8 oz of formula at night before I go to sleep.
  • I am sleeping in the pack and play now. 
  • I am no longer sleeping through the night, like last month. I've been sick with a cold and I am cutting teeth.
  • I am holding on to things, especially blankets and Mommy's scarves.
  • I can sit in my activity seat.
  • I am holding up my head really well.
  • I am laughing out loud, especially when someone tickles my ribs.
  • I love to watch my brother, Miles.
  • I like it when people talk to me and I respond to them in my own language.
  • I still love watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. That little mouse makes me smile!
  • I am taking baths in the big tub with my brother. I sit in my bumbo seat.
  • I am recognizing familiar faces and voices.
  • I love to smile.
  • I chew on anything I can get my hands on.
  • I still have eczema.
  • I got my first cold this past month.
  • I love to look around at things.
  • I hate whenever I'm riding in the car, and Mommy or Daddy stop.
  • I like to lean forward, so I can see my toes and feet.
  • I still HATE tummy time.

This is an after picture....I wish I had taken a before picture. Prior to this position, he was facing the opposite direction with his feet at the piano part of the activity mat. This is proof that he is going to be an active fellow.

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