Thursday, November 24, 2011

Good Ole Rocky Top


On Saturday, November 19, we took Joe to the Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt game. Kevin and Erica also went along with us on the trek to Knoxville. I have to say it was one of the BEST football games I have ever witnessed.

Tennessee did well at the beginning and then fell into their old tricks of not scoring during the second half. Then, a miracle in the 4th quarter and we're tied up going into OT baby!! Next, thing you know and there's a pick 6 but...wait the refs called it back and tried to say the players knee was down. Needless to say Neyland stadium was SO LOUD!! In the end, the refs got some sense and overturned their decision and we won an awesome game! I feel Joe enjoyed it and so did Miles. Miles was moving around the entire time!! I hope he can play at Tennessee one of these days.

Here are some pictures from our Knoxville trip:

We tailgated before the game with hot dogs and hamburgers.

Matt painted this grill all by himself! How talented is he? Maybe Miles will be just as talented as his dad one day!

Kevin, Erica and Kevin's nasty hot dog!

A BIG win for score 27-21!

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